Past Events

Blood Donation Camp
07 August - 07 August
Venue : Blood Donation Camp

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Happy Friendship Day
06 August - 06 August
Venue : Happy Friendship Day

Dedicate & Win: The Patrons had to dedicate the message to their...

Happy Parent's Day
24 July - 24 July
Venue : Happy Parent's Day

Shipra Mall invited patrons to come up with their parents and they...

25 June - 25 June

"HEALTH IS WEALTH" we all have heard of, But Shipra Mall had...

Father's Day Celebration
19 June - 19 June
Venue : Father's Day Celebration

Respondents dedicated message to their fathers on our...

Pose and Click - By Monte Carlo
27 May - 27 May
Venue : Pose and Click - By Monte Carlo

MONTE CARLO in association with SHIPRA MALL conducted...

Shipra Summer Camp 2011
16 May - 16 May
Venue : Shipra Summer Camp 2011

Shipra Mall conducted its 2nd Shipra Summer Camp...

Mother's Day Celebration
08 May - 08 May
Venue : Mother's Day Celebration

PHOTO SHOOT Involved the active participation of the mom and the child to...

6th Anniversary Celebrations
21 April - 30 April
Venue : 6th Anniversary Celebrations

GANG OF FRIENDS - Thursday, April 21 at 10:30am In order to gratify...

Star TV - Just Dance
03 April - 03 April
Venue : Star TV - Just Dance

Shipra Mall offered an Opportunity to Win THE QUEUE FREE Audition Pass...